ThorpyFX Crowdsources Ideas for Its First Community-Designed Pedal Leave a comment

ThorpyFX is looking to build its first-ever community-designed stompbox by gathering ideas from its online community.

Dubbed as “Project Phalanx,” the campaign seeks to go from “concept to reality” in eight to 10 months. Since this is the first time ThorpyFX is rolling out such a project, it will adhere to its specialties: fuzzes and overdrives.

But everything else, including the name, artwork, and functionalities of the pedal, is up to the voters. ThorpyFX will share updates and polls for the project via its Facebook page and Instagram as stories.

“At every step of the process, your ideas and concepts will be considered/voted on by us and the community,” ThorpyFX owner Adrian Thorpe said on Instagram. “The laws of economics will, of course, be considered. Any carbotanium enclosures with diamond-encrusted knobs probably aren’t going to work financially.

“Once we have a few designs in place, we will be sitting down in a loud room with Chris Buck and demoing them, commenting on their sounds nuances etc. You will get to choose which you like and which goes forward.”

Per the pedal maker, everyone who contributes to the project will automatically stand a chance to win one of the first five units from the project.

Several pedal aficionados are already chipping in their concepts on the comment section of ThorpyFX’s Facebook announcement.

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