Ernie Ball Super Bee VPJR

Ernie Ball Gives Its VPJR Tuner a Limited-Edition “Super Bee” Makeover Leave a comment

Previously available only in red, white, gold, and black colorways, the great Ernie Ball VPJR Tuner now comes in a limited-edition, none-more-yellow “Super Bee” finish.

While the latest VPJR Tuner iteration shines with its peculiar bee-playing-a-St.-Vincent-signature-model artwork, it’s the same pedal inside. The high-def touchscreen display has been carried over, so you can change between a trio of modes—tuner only, volume only, or tuner and volume.

Designed to withstand stage-light and direct-sunlight scenarios, the display auto-switches between tuner and volume modes, depending on your signal level. You may also calibrate the tuner to different reference pitches via the touch screen.

“[T]he Ernie Ball VPJR ‘Super Bee’ Tuner is the perfect combination 2-in-1 pedal offering precise volume control with an enhanced definition digital tuner. The pedal features a fast and accurate chromatic tuner with graphic volume display that is visually attractive and easy to operate,” Ernie Ball wrote.

Other standard features include an aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure, FX send/return jacks, ¼-inch input/output, and a discrete buffer circuit.

Limited to only 500 pedals, the Ernie Ball VPJR “Super Bee” Tuner is now up for grabs for $249. Stop by the brand’s website for more details.

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