Farm Pedals Officially Releases Its Fly Agaric Phaser Leave a comment

Farm Pedals has just announced that the Fly Agaric Phase, which was previously available only in limited soft-release versions, is finally getting its first production run.

Described as a “vintage, vibe voiced, four-stage phaser,” the Fly Agaric Phaser is capable of delivering swirling vibe-like sonic landscapes and classic phaser sounds. It boasts two independent speed controls that enable a broad range of textural cross-phasing. This dual low-frequency oscillator (LFO) phaser also includes two footswitches as well as two knobs. The left and right knobs are designed to control the speed of the first and second LFO respectively.

The right footswitch engages the pedal while the left footswitch mirror switches the first LFO’s speed. The speed of the first LFO will instantly flip when the left heart switch is engaged. The switch is useful for making textural cross-phasing on the fly.

Every pedal is hand stamped and may vary in appearance. It is assembled in Casco Maine with meticulously hand-matched transistors.

Over the last year, Farm Pedals has been gradually releasing small-batch, hand-wired versions of the Fly Agaric Phaser to crowd-source feedback. The pedal is a culmination of the huger box variants which are presently floating around.

The new Fly Agaric Phaser retails for $185.

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