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Canadian pedal manufacturer Retro-Sonic has announced its new Flanger.

Touted to deliver the “distinctive liquidy character and chorusy flanging” of the classic seventies “18v Electric Mistress,” the Retro-Sonic Flanger emulates the classic EM tones popularized by Andy Summers of The Police and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.

These vintage versions are notorious for having a nasty volume drop when engaged and being extremely noisy even when switched off, but the pedal’s revamped version has already corrected these issues.

The Retro-Sonic Flanger is capable of an extensive range of sounds from vibrato to chorusing to classic sweeping flange effects. The circuited is intended to mimic the wide sweep of the original.

It includes controls for Color, Level, Range, and Rate, plus a Filter switch for turning the LFO sweep on and off. The Color knob adjusts the amount of feedback signal applied, Level controls the total output volume of the effect, Rate controls the flanger modulation speed, and Range manages the depth of effect applied to the incoming signal. The Flanger also features an on/off LED to view effect status and a durable footswitch for true bypass switching.

Similar to the Electric Mistress, the Retro-Sonic Flanger leverages an analog BBD path and runs optimally at 18v.

The US street price of the Flanger is $199.

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