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Fender has announced four new effects stompboxes—the Tread Light Wah, the Tread Light Volume/Expression, the Acoustic Preverb, and the Trapper Bass Distortion—as part of its new product lineup for 2020. 

Other than a photo, information on the Tread Light Wah is scarce, but it will come with a trio of toggle switches for some detailed wah modification. These switches control the bypass mode, the mid frequencies, and the bypass LED indicator.

Packaged in a very similar chassis, the Tread Light Volume/Expression, as its name implies, works as both an expression and volume pedal, depending on which jacks the player connects. A toggle switch allows for selecting the operation of its LED.

Meanwhile, the Acoustic Preverb and the Trapper Bass Distortion comes in more traditional enclosures. The former is a reverb pedal for acoustic guitars, boasting three distinct digital reverb modes. The Acoustic Preverb consists of control knobs for Level, Damping, Gain, Tilt, and Time, plus a toggle switch for choosing the reverb mode. 

Finally, the Trapper Bass Distortion resembles its six-string-focused relative, in that it features two independent distortion circuits. The difference is that the circuits are stackable, with a separate footswitch for each. Distortion 1 has the self-explanatory control arrangement of Tone, Level, and Gain, while Distortion 2 carries Tone, Level, Gain, Frequency, and Sub Level dials.

Head over to Fender for more details.

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