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Knuckle Puck has introduced the 20/20 Overdrive, designed alongside Compendium Engineering’s Mike Pappalardo.

Named after their upcoming album, the 20/20 Overdrive is touted as “a transparent overdrive and gain staging solution in one box” that will enable Knuckle Puck fans to recreate the “thick, overdriven tones” featured on the upcoming record.

The 20/20 Overdrive has a dual-section design, featuring separate drive and IC-driven boost circuits. This pairing promises an arsenal of valuable tones, ranging from a light boost to a saturated distortion.

As for controls, the 20/20 Overdrive consists of a Clipping switch as well as control knobs for Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, and Boost. Per guitarist Nick Casasanto, the idea behind the pedal was to pack his usual rig into a compact offering.

“Knuckle Puck is a band that has always put an emphasis on guitar tone by riding the line between heavy distortion and sparkling cleans. Over the years this was achieved by combining multiple-channel amps with one or two other distortion pedals in order to properly gain stage,” he said in a statement.

“With the 20/20 Overdrive, we’ve eliminated the need for more than one pedal, saving you precious space on your pedalboard and simplifying your quest for the perfect overdriven tone.”

The 20/20 Overdrive is available for $165, while its namesake album is due out in September. 

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