Fender Upgrades Pugilist Distortion, Marine Layer Reverb Leave a comment

Fender has released doubled-up versions of its Pugilist Distortion and Marine Layer Reverb—the Duel Pugilist Distortion and Dual Marine Layer Reverb.

Coming in as a punchy double distortion stompbox, the Duel Pugilist takes the original’s distortion voicings and adds a trio of new combination modes: Series, Mute, and Parallel. While Series mode lets you stack a pair of distortions as you would with two different pedals, Parallel enables combining two distinct distortion sounds. Meanwhile, Mute mode allows for using one distortion to craft your primary tone then layer another distortion on top.

Also available is a dual-band master shelving EQ for keeping flubbing bass or shrill highs in check. The Duel Pugilist Distortion retails for $229.99.

On the other hand, the Dual Marine Layer Reverb sports dual independent foot-switchable settings, along with a trio of unique reverb algorithms. You also get a sustain switch for yielding “massive atmospheric creations.”

Using the two-footswitch function, you can switch between two control sets for time, level, damping, and modulation. You may also hold soundscapes indefinitely and hands-free with the Sustain footswitch.

The Dual Marine Layer Reverb is also available for $229.99.

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