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Way Huge Releases the ODR-1-Inspired Super Terrific Overdrive Leave a comment

Way Huge has debuted the Super Terrific Overdrive (STO for short), reinventing the circuit of the iconic Nobels ODR-1.

Thanks to their unusually punchy frequency response, the ODR-1 and its variations have become a mainstay in the Nashville scene. A slight bump to the midrange helps both humbuckers and single-coils shine in a mix. Even better, the Way Huge STO’s circuitry update incorporates a FET op-amp to the input stage instead of a JFET, delivering an “even smoother, more pillowy sound.”

Control-wise, the STO consists of standard Tone, Volume, and Drive knobs. According to the brand, the Drive dial “deserves special recognition—its range is wide and responsive and makes it sound like your amp is breaking up of its own natural accord but without any more volume than you need.”

You can see the full extent of the Drive control on display with the demo video below. The Way Huge STO retails for $149.99, with more details available at jimdunlop.com.

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