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Fuse Audio Labs has launched the Virtual Pedal Board Bundle (VPB-Bundle), available as plugins for Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The VPB-Bundle presents an ensemble of some of the most remarkable pedals that graced countless pedalboards worldwide. Per Fuse Audio Labs, “the VPB-Bundle comes with a nice surprise: Big-Sur is completely free and forever yours to play with!” The Big Sur is a distortion effect boasting a “hint of fuzz.”

Even better, the VPB-Bundle also includes four individually outstanding pedals: Chorus-65, El-Germano, Gate-230, and Octafish.

Chorus-65 is a subtle yet incredibly musical-sounding vintage stereo chorus spec’d from an old analog bucket brigade chipset. Meanwhile, El-Germano is a tribute to a beloved icon of classic 60s-style drive based on Germanium transistors.

Gate-230 is a user-friendly optical noise gate featuring a smart hold function. It cleans the pesky “sonic junk” seamlessly. Finally, Octafish is a natural-sounding sub-octaver capable of expanding the “sound massively, no matter if you really want to feel the bass or get your audience’s guts rumbling.”

According to Fuse Audio Labs, all five plugins in the VPB package “support Zero Latency operation for a perfect live and tracking experience.”

This free + four bundle is already available for £16.50. Head over to Fuse Audio Labs for more details. 

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