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MESA/Boogie has introduced three new overdrive stompboxes—the Cleo, Dynaplex, and Gold Mine.

Hand-built in its California shop, each overdrive unit comes with a distinct tone and purpose, providing players with a choice selection of stompboxes for different applications. 

The Cleo acts as a transparent boost/overdrive concentrating on vintage-esque low-to-medium gain sounds with loads of nuance and dynamic. Meanwhile, the Dynaplex serves up that classic British crunch, rich in lush midrange frequencies. Ultimately, the Gold Mine focuses on mid to high gain sounds, delivering all the harmonic complexity typical of a MESA amp. 

“We think players of all styles will really dig these new pedals…such an amazing range of drive sounds can be found among these three new catalysts,” MESA/Boogie R&D Director Doug West said in the press release, adding:

“The three represent perfect stops along the gain trail, from Cleo at the lower end covering Blues, Roots, Indie or even a hearty Boost, the DynaPlex going straight at the heart of mid-gain Brit, beyond Classic Crunch and ‘70s Rock sounds, to Gold Mine topping it off with soaring, fat high gain that tips the hat to Boogie, there’s something for all seasons and specialties.”

Players may employ the trio individually to inject specific sounds to an existing pedalboard or together to craft their custom voices. 

Learn more about the Cleo, Dynaplex, and Gold Mine at MESA/Boogie.

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