Fuzzrocious Collaborates With Bongripper for the Blastripper Leave a comment

Fuzzrocious has teamed up with American doom metal band Bongripper for a highly limited run of their collaborative stompbox, the Blastripper.

On their Facebook page, the Bongripper wrote: “This coming Friday [May 15, 2020] we will be releasing a batch of 40 Blastripper pedals our collaboration with Fuzzrocious—they’ll be for sale in our Reverb store for $350 + shipping—sales will go live at 10 am CST.”

The Blastripper is a parallel Distortion/Fuzz pedal consisting of separate footswitch for each side. The third Gate/Boost footswitch activates a gated boost for the distortion, which features a pair of parallel gain stages. 

Elsewhere, the Blastripper carries individual Gain and Volume dials for each side of the parallel distortion, plus a Mix control to blend between either side. Meanwhile, the Fuzz side features separate tone and volume knobs. 

Besides dishing out intense sounds, the Blastripper also comes with some equally arresting visuals. Being that Bongripper is a doom band, the unit sports its signature goat design—with LEDs for eyes—plus the words “Hail Satan Worship Doom.”

Fuzzrocious is famous for creating outstanding boutique pedals, and the Blastripper is no exception. 

Only 40 units are going on sale starting 10 AM CST tomorrow for $350 + shipping. Check out the Fuzzrocious website or the Bongripper Facebook page for more details. 

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