Rigs of Dad Debuts the KugeScreamer Overdrive Leave a comment

Popular Instagram account Rigs of Dad has teamed up with Keeley Electronics and Chicago Music Exchange for the limited-edition, CME Exclusive KugeScreamer overdrive pedal. 

Key to the KugeScreamer’s monstrous tone is its three-knob layout, which solely favors tone. As stated in the Rigs of Dad-written description and manual, the KugeScreamer contains a trio of tone dials—Tone, More Tone, and Most Tone—for controlling the gain, actual tone, and volume, respectively. 

The KugeScreamer also carries a Hi/Lo toggle for switching between high- and low-gain operation. This overdrive stompbox vows to “produce more weight than an Oscar-hungry Christian Bale.” 

Sporting special artwork by John Clark Bailey Jr., the KugeScreamer serves up “Endless control of your dynamics, giving you a full-bodied sound of tube-crunchin’ clarity and an extra layer that’s so Crisp it could be the villain in ‘Kindergarten Cop.’”

Not content with that, the KugeScreamer also includes an Output area that allows players to plug directly into a tone henge of amps, fridges, and speakers. 

Per the press release, “A portion of the proceeds from every sale of the Limited Edition CME Exclusive Kugescreamer goes to Be Fido’s Friend, a Chicago-based animal advocacy and rescue organization dedicated to ending the canine homeless population.”

The KugeScreamer overdrive stompbox is available only while supplies last for $149. 

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