Glou-Glou Unveils the Steak Distortion Station Leave a comment

Glou-Glou FX is reinventing the analog gain stage experience with the new Steak Distortion Station—an all-analog parallel routed effects workstation combining various gain stage voices with fuzz, oscillation, filters, and modulation. 

The Steak brings in a different approach to analog gain stage stacking and blending in one parallel path unit that lets players craft unique analog gain textures via a ton of intuitive controls and complementary effects. 

Per Glou-Glou, the Steak boasts two virtually identical distortion channels (DISTO 1 and DISTO 2) running in parallel. Each channel features a distortion module, a post distortion low-pass filter, and a pre-distortion band-pass filter. Every filter sports a separate modulation depth (MOD), frequency (FREQ), and resonance setting (PEAK).

At its core, players combine dual parallel six-mode gain stages, which they will sculpt further using pre- and post-gain filters before injecting and mixing optional transistor fuzz, filter oscillation, and modulation. Players may utilize as little or much as they need, allowing them superior command over the amount of every sound to mix as well as the level of sensitivity of the envelope follower.

The Glou-Glou Steak comes in a unique, ergonomic custom-made chassis and with a street price of $470. It is available on the Glou-Glou online store and at select retailers. 

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