Dunlop Launches a Downsized Version of the Auto-Returning Wah Leave a comment

Dunlop has unveiled a half-sized auto-returning wah, the Crybaby CBM535AR, which delivers the right balance of wah control, onstage convenience, and pedalboard-efficiency. 

Sporting the legendary red Fasel Inductor and an identical form factor to the Crybaby Mini 535Q wah, the Crybaby CBM535AR offers access to the iconic Crybaby sound in a pedalboard-friendlier chassis. 

The new auto-return function allows the wah effect to engage once the player steps on the pedal. Unlike units where the stompbox needs to be completely depressed to engage the effect, it lets players introduce instant bursts of wah on-the-fly.

Control-wise, the Crybaby CBM535AR sports a four-way range selector for setting the frequency range of the effect, a variable Q dial for controlling the wah’s intensity, and a Boost switch with an independent Volume control that goes up to +16dB. With only four controls, players can revolutionize their instrument’s voice with convenient adjustments to complement the sound and vibe of their setup. 

“With auto-return switching, adding some of that magical Cry Baby expression wherever you need it is just a matter of pushing down on the toe of the pedal to engage the effect and backing off to disengage it. Just step in, electrify your audience, and step out while you give them some time to collect themselves,” Jim Dunlop detailed. 

The Crybaby CBM535AR retails for $149.99. 

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