Greer Showcases Its Gorilla Warfare MKII at SNAMM 2019 Leave a comment

Boutique effects pedal creator Greer Amplification has unveiled at the Summer NAMM 2019 a new stompbox called the Gorilla Warfare MKII.

Built at the request of Greer fans, the brand-new pedal is loosely based on the famed ProCo Rat distortion, boasting the same well-regarded LM308 chip found in the classic circuit.

Greer Amplification promotes the Gorilla Warfare MKII as an “angry, aggressive, larger-than-life and not-holding-back version of the old familiar circuit.” The pedal develops and iterates on the Rat in some striking ways. It ensures a more dynamic range, with an extended gain spectrum that provides a slightly cleaner headroom compared to what the Rat can afford, and a gnarlier, high-gain push on the reverse end.

Regarding the control layout, the Gorilla Warfare MKII carries a standard Tone control instead of a Filter knob like that of the Rat. The new circuit is housed within a durable aluminum chassis with a stylish, black and gold faceplate, which appears desert tan and black in some lights.

The Gorilla Warfare MKII includes an old school true bypass switch and is powered by 9V center tip negative 2.1mm standard power supply cable.

Greer Amplification employs only the finest quality components in each of its product. The new Gorilla Warfare MKII retails for $199.99.

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