Hamstead Soundworks Comet Interstellar Driver

Hamstead Soundworks Releases the Comet Interstellar Driver Leave a comment

Hamstead Soundworks has lifted the veil on the Comet Interstellar Driver, designed to yield a versatile range of tones with a complicated signal path, controllable via a straightforward control interface.

Controls on the Comet Interstellar Driver include the usual Gain, Level, and dual-band Bass/Treble EQ. However, central to its versatility is the order toggle switch, letting you position the EQ section before or after the clipping. Not content with that, Hamstead Soundworks notes:

“By selecting DRV>EQ or EQ>DRV, you not only change the order of the Drive and EQ circuits, but also the type of clipping and gain structure circuitry.”

While the DRV>EQ mode allows for accurate, studio-grade tone-shaping, the inverse EQ>DRV mode raises the signal into the input stage. Setting the Bass and Treble dials higher lets you push the drive section into fuzz or distortion.

Construction includes top-mounted jacks for crammed pedalboards and TheGigRig’s OptoKick optical footswitch for silent switching. Level control comes with a total of 30dB boost for driving an amp even harder, and each EQ band features +/- 15dB of cut and boost for its respective band.

The Comet Interstellar Driver retails for $259. Check out the intro video below or head over to Hamstead Soundworks website for more details.

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