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Harley Benton has debuted its first-ever multi-effects stompbox, the DNAfx GiT, equipped with amp modeling and impulse response (IR) loading capabilities. 

The DNAfx GiT serves up a selection of 55 nonlinear digital amp models for “real tube amp tone feel and response.” Moreover, Harley Benton couples that with 26 inbuilt cabinet IRs, drawing from both conventional and modern speaker cab models, as well as the ability to add custom IR files. 

In the effects realm, the DNAfx GiT boasts a whopping 151 effects, ranging from distortions, overdrives, EQ, noise gates, compressors, modulation effects, pitch effects, reverbs, delays, wah, and filters. Effect parameters are adjustable via a trio of front-facing dials. 

“Welcome to your new home for guitar tone. The sound of legendary amps and effects, from vintage valves to the latest hi-tech gear, in a robust, road-ready housing: that’s our DNAfx Git advanced amp modelling multi-effect processor,” Harley Benton wrote. “Create your perfect guitar tones selecting modelled gear from a plethora of classic and modern amps, cabs and effects; dive into the onboard drum machine to accompany your riffs; connect to your computer to edit your patches or record your playing.”

Complete with all the necessary I/O, the DNAfx GiT is a beautiful-sounding, portable guitar rig that sports dual footswitches, a large color LCD, and an inbuilt expression pedal for on-the-fly editing. And similar to other Harley Benton products, this processor carries a pocket-friendly price tag. 

The Harley Benton DNAfx GiT retails for €139. 

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