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Warm Audio has announced two blast-from-the-past hyper-authentic and -accurate recreations of pedal classics—the Foxy Tone Box and the Jet Phaser.

Hand-built using premium parts, the Foxy Tone Box resurrects one of the most highly sought-after fuzzes of all time, utilized by tone legends Peter Frampton and Billy Gibbons, as well as Beck, Nine Inch Nails, and Adrian Belew. 

“We searched far and wide for a stash of the correct NOS (‘New Old Stock’) Fairchild germanium transistors used in the original—and then paired them with germanium diodes, high-watt carbon resistors, and film capacitors to bring the fury of the vintage pedal to the present day,” Warm Audio said in the press release. 

Dressed in thick velvet, the Foxy Tone Box lets players enjoy the octave-up sounds, massive tone, and look of the vintage pedal without breaking the bank. It carries controls for Fuzz, Volume, and Sustain, plus a switch for engaging the pronounced octave effect.

Meanwhile, the Jet Phaser recreates the infamous Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser, popularized by the likes of Sly & the Family Stone’s Larry Graham. It combines four JET modes to complement two classic phase voicings with four fuzz/phaser pairings: dark fuzz/deep phase, dark fuzz/shallow phase, bright fuzz/deep phase, and bright fuzz/shallow phase.

The Jet Phaser sports dual footswitches along with Mode, Jet Level, Slow Rate, and Resonance dials. It comes in a sturdy steel enclosure with sleek wooden side panels.

Both the Foxy Tone Box and the Jet Phaser feature true-bypass operation, retailing for $149 and $199, respectively. 

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