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Hilbish Design has unveiled the Sol Invictus—a dual-channel unit that functions as a preamp and distortion pedal.

Spec’d from Hilbish’s Beta Preamp, the unit features an extensive I/O section and amp-style controls. The gain staging enables anything from sparkling cleans to full-on fuzz. And thanks to the dual channels, players may alter between these at the stomp of a footswitch. They may also run both channels simultaneously.

That comes in especially handy when employing the Sol Invictus’ I/O, which incorporates an independent quarter-inch out for every channel, letting users place the pedal in front of two amps for stereo rigs. Moreover, the I/O features an instrument-level output for use as a guitar stompbox, a line-level output for running into a power amp, and a balanced output for running into a mixing board. 

Every channel has a separate Level and Gain dials, as well as a three-band EQ, plus a Master volume knob. “The Sol Invictus turns any pedalboard into the perfect compact fly-in or travel rig,” Hilbish Design wrote. 

The Sol Invictus is already for preorder, which will ship in June. A 20% discount applies to preorders, reducing the price to $280 from $350. 

Hear the Sol Invictus in action in the teaser below or learn more here. 

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