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Electronic musical devices developer Zoom has unveiled its latest multi-effects processor, the G11.

Jam-packed with features such as a full-color touch screen interface, amplifier emulation capabilities, and a ton of custom-designed effects, the G11 might be Zoom’s most substantial offering to date.

The G11 Multi-Effects Processor sports a full-color touchscreen that serves as its primary interface. This screen enables users to do anything from choosing patches and banks to switching up their signal chain.

On the amplifier section, the G11 boasts a selection of 48 amp and cab models, including those that were custom designed by Zoom. Also on offer is 70 onboard Impulse Responses (IR) that simulate external amp recording considerations such as room tones, cabinets, and microphones. Moreover, the unit allows for adding as much as 130 of the user’s custom IR. All of these are modifiable from the dedicated Amplifier section, which consists of a series of dials for master volume, presence, gain, and a three-band EQ.

Meanwhile, the G11’s effects side allows stacking up to nine at a time, plus an amp emulation. The unit has five pedal sections, with four control knobs apiece for setting different parameters.

Other features include a USB input for expanding its functionality, an expression pedal, as well as onboard looper and rhythm sections.

Head over to Zoom to learn more about the G11 Multi-Effects Processor.

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