Hungry Robot Makes a Deluxe Variant of Its Wardenclyffe Leave a comment

Hungry Robot has introduced a deluxe version of its Wardenclyffe lo-fi modulator, which seeks to emulate the timbre of early audio recording technology.

Touted as “the most feature packed lofi pedal out there,” the Wardenclyffe Deluxe’s core is identical to the original, with the DSP and base circuit staying mainly the same. However, the new variant adds a fair number of controls and features. It incorporates a second footswitch that lets you tap in a tempo for your modulation rate.

Also new to the Wardenclyffe Deluxe is a dial to control the level of the ambient pad tone it generates, as well as a Clock knob to slow down the clock rate of the DSP. You may also detune and bit crush your signal with a pair of new toggle switches.

Even better, at the top of the Wardenclyffe Deluxe are a trio of new mini dials in between the Wet and Dry controls. “The Snake knob adds a filtered white noise/hiss to the mix. The Campfire knob adds a crackle effect. The Pop knob (or if you didn’t grow up in the Midwest, soda knob) adds a random popping effect,” Hungry Robot detailed.

The Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe Deluxe is now available for $279.10

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