Ibanez Adds Booster and Phaser to Its Mini-Pedal Lineup Leave a comment

Ibanez has welcomed two new additions to its mini stompboxes roster: the BTMINI and PHMINI, a miniature booster and phaser, respectively.

Sporting a red, black, and white color scheme, the PHMINI Phaser is a straightforward all-analog pedal consists of control knobs for Speed, Feedback, and Depth, along with a discrete toggle switch that allows for choice between four-stage and six-stage phasing. It also comes with a true bypass switch on its miniature angled chassis.

Meanwhile, the BTMINI Booster is a clean booster boasting a similarly stripped-back control interface, with a trio of knobs for Bass, Level, and Treble. Basing on the tone section, the EQ curve of the boost is adjustable between a “wide range” setting, as the brand puts into words, in which the entire signal goes up in volume. Alternatively, the boost becomes more of a midrange-focused one at lower bass and treble settings.

Per Ibanez, the BTMINI also comes with “a Japanese-made JRC MUSES 8820, a high-quality op-amp used in amplifiers that delivers tonal brightness, even while the amp is pushed into overdrive.”

Both the BTMINI and PHMINI are made in Japan and are available for £89 and £99, respectively. Check out official demos for both stompboxes below.

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