Ibanez Revives the Echo Shifter, Unveils Mini Flanger and Tremolo Leave a comment

Ibanez has unveiled its latest batch of releases, which includes the Tremolo Mini and Flanger Mini, as well as the returning Echo Shifter delay.

The Flanger Mini’s yellow paint job is an apparent reference to the classic 9 Series FL9, but eliminates the delay time control, rather concentrating on Regen, Speed, and Depth. The existing Chorus Mini pedal incorporates an analog BBD circuit, so fingers crossed this new unit follows suit.

Since the 9 Series line-up has no tremolo stompbox, it is unclear whether the Tremolo Mini is spec’d from an existing unit—possibly the Soundtank Tremolo—or sports an original circuit, but it comes with Speed, Wave, and Depth knobs, plus a handy internal level trimpot for preventing potential volume loss with higher depth settings.

Ultimately, the underrated Echo Shifter makes an epic comeback in a new ES3 guise. This reincarnation of the delay stompbox features both digital and analog delays (40ms to 1500ms for digital, 40ms to 600ms times for analog). It is also capable of inducing self-oscillation via the tap tempo footswitch.

Otherwise, the Echo Shifter retains the switchable modulation effect, as well as Speed, Feedback, Depth, and Mix dials.

The Tremolo Mini, Flanger Mini, and Echo Shifter will be available later this year, with prices to be confirmed.

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