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Jackson Audio has teamed up with Mateus Asato for the dual-drive El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion pedal.

The Mateus Asato Signature El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion boasts a pair of independent drive circuits. The overdrive section draws from the iconic Marshall Plexi, while the high-gain distortion is spec’d from the legendary JCM800. Per Jackson Audio, such pairing serves up Asato’s favorite liquid high-gain and soulful overdriven tones.

Every circuit comes with four clipping options that are selectable by holding down on its corresponding footswitch. Clipping options for the distortion circuit include two Suhr Riot style, a ProCo Rat style, and a Marshall Guv’nor style. For the overdrive circuit, players can choose from the Tube Screamer style, Marshall style, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping options.

Both drive circuits carry separate controls for tone, volume, and gain, but share an active three-band Baxandall-esque EQ.

Jackson Audio revealed that the El Guapo was “developed over a 10+ prototype revision process. During this two year process every detail was painstakingly refined to ensure that both the distortion and overdrive channels would work together to recreate the soulful overdriven tones, as well as the liquid high gain tones that legendary guitarist Mateus Asato is known for!”

The Mateus Asato Signature El Guapo Overdrive/Distortion retails for $349.

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