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Athens-based boutique company JAM Pedals has unveiled via its YouTube channel a brand new analog delay, the Delay Llama Xtreme.

The Delay Llama Xtreme brings exciting features and novel functionalities to JAM Pedals’ Delay Llama series, defying the stereotype of what an analog delay stompbox is capable. Sporting a thoughtful design and 3 x 3205 BBD chips, sound explorers and regular delay users alike will surely love the Delay Llama Xtreme. 

According to JAM Pedals, the Delay Llama Xtreme is jam-packed with four user-savable presets, tap tempo with subdivisions, kill-dry, hold function, trails (buffered) or true bypass modes, and 800ms of max delay time. 

The Delay Llama Xtreme also boasts four trails-dedicated effects: Pitch-Shift, Tape-Age, Random, and Vibrato. These Xtreme modes result from the JAM Pedals team musically taming the Delay Time to produce inspiring trails effects.

“We sent the Delay Llama to the future, and it finally made its way back with a taste for the XTREME! So strap in, get comfortable, and ride this Llama into uncharted sonic fields,” JAM Pedals detailed. 

Other features include a remote preset selection input, remote tap tempo input, and delay time expression pedal/CV input. 

The JAM Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme lists for €329 and will ship the end of February.

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