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JHS Pedals has launched the PG-14 Paul Gilbert signature pedal, a unique distortion unit meticulously designed to the exact specifications of the guitar virtuoso himself.

With the PG-14, users get all of Paul’s talent, many years of practice, and decades of experience. It serves as an “end-all” stompbox for incorporating the ultimate dirt channel in an amp.

“At the heart of the circuit is a FET based distortion engine that emulates the touch, feel, and the response of a pushed tube amplifier,” JHS Pedals detailed.

The circuitry enables players to experience the tone and dynamics of a powerful, stadium-level amp at low to moderate volume levels.

Another innovative and fundamental feature of the PG-14 is that an active mid-frequency preamp is placed in front of the FET distortion circuitry. Such a design delivers incredible tonal possibilities with any amp or guitar combo.

The PG-14 is perfect for those who are looking to include a searing, high-octane dirt channel to their rig. Carving out the perfect dirt tone is easy with a bevy of controls. The pedal carries Push, Drive, Mid, Mid Freq, Tone, and Vol dials.

The PG-14 Paul Gilbert signature distortion pedal is shipping now for $199. Visit JHS Pedals’ website to learn more.

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