JAM Pedals Seagull

JAM Pedals Replicates David Gilmour’s Iconic Effect With the Seagull Leave a comment

JAM Pedals has announced a downscaled, standard line variant of its Pink Flow—the Seagull.

Looking to nail David Gilmour’s signature Seagull sound effect, the namesake pedal features an incredibly straightforward control interface consisting of “L” (output level) and “F” (frequency) control dials and a pair of toggle switches—“S” for toggling between three sweep ranges and “C” for choosing between Seagull and cocked wah modes.

Also available is an On/Off footswitch that you may also momentarily hold for temporary triggers.

“Shortly after the release of the Pink Flow multi-pedal, we also started receiving continuous requests to build custom stand-alone seagull units,” JAM Pedals wrote. “In seeking to address this demand the JAM pedals way, we are introducing the Seagull as part of our standard line, with improved controls and extended functionality.”

As a neat extra, the brand has also released three special-edition artworks for the Seagull.

The JAM Pedals Seagull lists for $219 for the standard edition and $289 for the limited-edition iterations.

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