Death by Audio Germanium Filter

Death by Audio Unleashes the Germanium Filter Leave a comment

New York-headquartered stompbox manufacturer Death by Audio has unveiled its newest masterpiece—the Germanium Filter.

Touted as its “love letter to sticking a pencil through your speaker,” the Germanium Filter comes with a Death By Audio original filter and a console-esque drive circuit made from vintage Russian transistors.

Incredibly straightforward dual-knob control interface consists of Gain and Filter dials for sweeping from mild overdrive to intense fuzz tones and transitioning from speaker-breaking lows to the most extreme of highs.

“I’m so psyched about the Germanium Filter,” Death by Audio founder Oliver Ackermann noted in a press release. “It sounds so good on everything all the time. I think everyone needs one on their pedalboard to give your tone that classic shine or to blast out the windows.”

The Death by Audio Germanium Filter operates on 9V power and retails for $225.

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