JHS Clones Four Iconic Pedals for Limited-Edition 1966 Series Leave a comment

Pedal manufacturer JHS Pedals has unveiled a collection of highly limited effect pedals dubbed the 1966 Series, consists of the 1966 Tone Bender 1.5, Rangemaster Boost, Fuzz Face, and Italy Tone Bender.

The late 1960s is an exciting time for those who love vintage, classic guitar effects. Specifically, 1966 was a pivotal year for the guitar effect pedals realm. That’s why JHS founder Josh Scott has put a lot of work into creating a bunch of four pedals that replicate the original circuits of some well-loved pedals.

Each unit has been hardwired leveraging NOS components, including oversized capacitors, germanium transistors, and high-grade carbon resistors.

The JHS 1966 Fuzz Face is a faithful recreation of the Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit and an excellent choice for authentic Hendrix-esque fuzz tones. The Rangemaster Boost is spec’d from the iconic Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, featuring an improved pot taper, pull-down resistance, and single-power supply filter cap. The Italy Tone Bender is a classic germanium fuzz pedal based on the 60s Tonebender circuit. The Tone Bender 1.5 is based on a dual transistor version of the vintage Tonebender fuzz pedal and designed for massive sustain and beefy low end.

The first run has quickly sold out (only 20 apiece were manufactured), but they will restock over the next two to three months. Each 1966 Series pedal cost $399.

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