Keeley Electronics Crams Drive, Chorus & Rotary into DCR Pedal Leave a comment

Keeley Electronics has introduced a well-appointed DDR Drive Delay Reverb offshoot, the new DCR Drive Chorus Rotary.

Boasting sufficient tones to cover virtually any gig, the DCR pedal incorporates two compressed, tube-esque circuits: one being highly saturated and full-range, while the other combines a slight shelf filter with a low-pass filter, suitable for beefing or warming up a guitar.

The DCR consists of In and Out jacks that double as TRS inserts and enable the users to add any effect in between the chorus and drive. It also includes two kinds of modulation—a flanger/chorus setting or rotary speaker, the latter features Leslie and Vibra sounds.

Keeley designed rotary speaker tones are renowned for being rich and EQ’d in a way that achieves the 3D mechanical choruses’ magic. Users can select between Les and Vibra modes to produce an old school organ tone. They may also pick between Flange and Chorus modes to deliver a syrupy, slick flanger tone or beefy, doubling chorus.

The DCR has been designed and manufactured in sub-tropical Oklahoma. Other features include a TRS effects loop and true bypass switching. This DDR offshoot is suitable for blues and funk players and is already available for $179 on Keeley Electronics.

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