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JHS Pedals Packs Nine Elusive Rat Variants Into the PackRat Leave a comment

JHS Pedals has brought nine “hard-to-find” Rat iterations under one roof—the PackRat distortion pedal.

Launched as part of the JHS Multi-Mode series, the PackRat celebrates more than four decades of the legendary ProCo Rat, like how the Bonsai and Muffuletta salute the Ibanez Tube Screamer and Big Muff, respectively. The whole collection pays tribute to time-tested iconic effects and their many variants.

According to JHS, the PackRat lets you enjoy nine elusive Rat effects that would otherwise amount to $4,000 in value on second-hand markets. Among these modes are a “perfect recreation” of the late 70’s big-box Rat, along with renditions of the Turbo Rat and White Face Rat from the 1980s, the Brat of the 1990s, and You Dirty Rat from the 2000s.

Takes on important Rat versions also make it to the cut, including Caroline Wave Cannon, Landgraff Mo-D, and Ibanez’s LA Metal. Finally, you have the JHS mod of the Rat circuit.

Besides the nine-mode selector, the PackRat comes with a straightforward control layout of Tone, Volume, and Filter dials, which Rat users are familiar with.

You can grab the JHS PackRat for $249.

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