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Mask Audio Electronics, Collector//Emitter Partner Again for the Cascader Leave a comment

Mask Audio Electronics has again joined forces with Collector//Emitter for their second fuzz creation—the Cascader.

Coming after the Part Garden fuzz, the Cascader revisits the early stages of the first collaborative pedal and bases around cascading one fuzz into another.

Engaging the bypass switch yields the pedal’s primary fuzz voice by marrying a distortion-esque tone with a more velcro-style, gated fuzz. Meanwhile, stomping on the cascade footswitch creates a more saturated, gain-y sound by activating another fuzz at the start of the circuit to overload the following stages.

Control-wise, the Cascader features a relatively straightforward operation. The Loud dial is in charge of the output volume, while the Yuh toggle switch puts you in control of the compression amount. Toggling right yields a more gated sound, while on the opposite position, you have a more open tone with thick sustain.

The Mask Audio Electronics and Collector//Emitter Cascader lists for $175. Get a behind-the-scenes look and hear it in action with the videos below.

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