KMA Audio Machines Releases a Desert White Logan Overdrive Leave a comment

Germany-headquartered KMA Audio Machines has announced the ultra-limited Desert White Logan Overdrive.

Besides its sleek Desert White paint job, the special edition Logan Overdrive carries a set of matching anodized red dials.

The Logan Overdrive highlights touch-responsiveness as part of its versatility to function in various setups. Players may deploy it as a sweet-sounding low- to mid-gain drive or utilize it to yield a flurry of mid-centric tones, from wah-esque quacks to slow-phaser-like tones, credits to its extensive mid-EQ range. The unit also operates as a preamp with 25dB of boost.

Inside the Logan Overdrive is a bunch of features that help it work with bass guitars. These include tweakable controls for Clean Blend and Mid-band Q adjustment.

Coupled with an onboard Expression input, the pedal goes beyond merely a simple dirt box for electric guitars. Players can use the Logan Overdrive as a mid-sweeping effect for drum machines, keyboards, and basses alike.

“Drive tone is one of the most personal things in music. It’s the equivalent of an artist’s color palette. We sought to create one of the most versatile and vibrant drive pedals, so you can make your art sing precisely the way you envisioned. So, if you want an exceptionally inspiring piece of art on your pedalboard, both visually and sonically, then this is your big chance,” KMA Audio Machines states.

The Desert White Logan Overdrive retails for £165 and is limited to only 100 units worldwide.

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