KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe

KMA Machines Debuts the Dual-Filter Tyler Deluxe Leave a comment

KMA Machines has unveiled the Tyler Deluxe, a sophisticated frequency splitter for sending your highs and lows to two different effect loops or even different amps.

The Tyler Deluxe is an upgrade to the standard Tyler stompbox, maintaining its core functionality and incorporating a slew of innovative features at the request of players.

According to KMA Machines, “The heart of the pedal is still the same essential filter sections, which splits your signal into different loops with HIGH PASS and LOW PASS paths both filters have a 12 dB/oct. roll-off with a variable cut-off frequency from 20 Hz to 3 kHz).”

Each loop comes with an independent footswitch in conjunction with a central footswitch to engage the Tyler Deluxe as a whole. Some minor edits to the circuitry also include lowering the noise floor.

Other handy additions include transformer-coupled send jacks that eradicate the ground loops, which may occur when using the pedal into two amps since they no longer share the ground connection. In addition, each loop also has a separate phase-invert switch to make up for any potential phasing issues.

Available in early July, the Tyler Deluxe retails for £249. You can hear it in action with the demo video below.

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