Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Deluxe

Seymour Duncan Introduces a Deluxe Variant of Its Vapor Trail Leave a comment

Seymour Duncan has lifted the veil on an expanded Deluxe edition of its Vapor Trail delay, allowing more complex digital command over the analog delay effect.

At the core of the Vapor Trail Deluxe are four bucket-brigade delay chips, providing as much as 1.2 seconds delay time. Such delay chips category features a characteristic sound with filtered high-end that doesn’t get in the way of things.

Props to the combination of digital and analog, the Vapor Trail Deluxe comes with a bank of three presets, along with tap tempo and a rotary subdivision selector. While you can set tempo by tapping a dedicated secondary footswitch, you activate preset selection mode by holding down the bypass footswitch.

Using the division rotary switch, you can select four extra effect modes: Runaway for a controlled but infinite barrage of repeats; Micro Delay for super-fast slapback sounds; Pitch Bender for dramatic glissando effects; and Pitch Sequence for injecting in up and down octaves in eight modifiable, rhythmic sequences.

Separate to those effects is a modulation section, where you can get anything from mild pitch imperfections to seasick wildness. There’s also a TRS send-return “wet insert” jack for even more effects.

Other noteworthy features include an expression pedal input, overall mix dial, and switchable trails that allow for your repeats to continue after disengaging the stompbox.

The Vapor Trail Deluxe is yours for $229. Hear it in action with Seymour Duncan’s demo video below.

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