KMA Machines Launches the Cirrus Spatial-Temporal Modifier Leave a comment

KMA Audio Machines has unveiled its first wholly digital effect pedal, the Cirrus Spatial-Temporal Modifier reverb and delay.

This dual-effect unit features three distinct reverb and delay modes. The delay side lets the user pick from Sample & Hold Mode (S/H), Modulated Delay Mode (MOD), or Delay Mode (OCT). The S/H adds a sequencer-esque filter in front of the delay line for synthy textures, MOD varies the delay signal for an animated dancing tape echo-style modulation, while the OCT blends in a high octave as notes decay.

For the reverb section, the Cirrus offers a Modulated Reverb Mode (MOD) that adorns trails with very smooth movement, while the two other modes offer either a closing high-pass filter (HP) or an opening low-pass filter (LP).

All reverb and delay modes sport a sensitivity knob, which enables the effect to be changed by picking attack.

Other features include an expression input, effects loop, tap tempo, and the ability to flip the routing with delay and reverb. The Cirrus’ bypass footswitch provides standard latching mode plus the ability to max out the decay by holding the switch down.

Each unit is designed, built, silkscreened, trialed, and numbered by hand in KMA Audio Machines’ little workshop.

The Cirrus Spatial-Temporal Modifier retails for £185.

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