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Pedal company Mr Black has announced another addition to its expanding collection of mini effect pedals, the Mini Tremolo.

The Mini Tremolo serves up both harmonic vibrato and classic bias-modulating tremolo, all within one incredibly small enclosure.

Users can blend in as much harmonic-vibrato as they want to induce the delicate textures found only in some of the most elusive and sought after amps from an era that will never be forgotten.

The new unit features an intuitive three-knob design consists of controls for Harmonics (harmonic vibrato mix), Speed (tremolo rate/speed), and Intensity (tremolo strength/depth). These simple yet powerful controls allow the user to easily shape their distinct tremolo tone.

The Mini Tremolo’s ridiculously small package and daisy chain friendly industry-standard 9VDC power input let the user sneak the unit into even the most cramped pedalboards, without necessitating a specialized power supply. It also features true bypass.

Each unit has been handcrafted and built to last by real people in Portland, Oregon, leveraging exclusively premium components that provide years of dependable service and superior tone.

The Mini Tremolo retails for only $99.95. It is now available for preorder on Mr Black’s website and is expected to ship on or before October 1.

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