KMA Machines Chief Disruptor

KMA Machines Serves Up Big Muff-Style Tones With the Chief Disruptor Leave a comment

Berlin-headquartered KMA Machines has loaded supersized, highly customizable Big Muff-esque fuzz tones into its latest offering—the Chief Disruptor.

A choice of three gain structures is on offer, accessible via a left positioned toggle switch and offering iconic sounds from across the Big Muff genre. You can select between Tight, Heavy, and Vintage modes. Clean, Master, and giant Disruption dials are also available at your disposal.

“Vintage Mode (VTG) will give you every shade of discrete overdrive, while the Tight Mode will give a more focused and modern tone with less bass and super crisp harmonics,” KMA Machines details.

“Heavy Mode is the essence of what we all love about Muffs. Heavy, sustaining and crazy thick fuzzy distortion, with bone-shaking lows and chewy mids.”

Not content with the voices, the Chief Disruptor also consists of mini Bass and Treble knobs for a15dB cut/boost along with a pair of Mid mini dials for setting the frequency range.

Other handy features include an independent Mids footswitch and the option to insert your dry signal pre- or post-EQ via a right-positioned toggle switch.

The Chief Disruptor ships in late January with a price tag of €199.

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