Line 6 Unveils Ultra-Portable POD Go Guitar Processor Leave a comment

Line 6 has unveiled the latest iteration of its POD series, the POD Go guitar multi-effects floor processor.

This new lightweight unit prioritizes usability and portability. The POD Go features a super user-friendly interface. It couples standard controls with a large color LCD so players can interact with digital amps, cabs, and stomps in unique and meaningful ways.

While its interface looks simple, users could expect the sounds to be pretty sophisticated since the POD Go leverages a modelling technology identical to that of Line 6’s famous Helix.

Per Line 6 Chief Product Design Architect Eric Klein, “POD wasn’t technically the first modeling product, but it sure appears to have had the most lasting impact. With POD Go, we strove to incorporate our newest and best amp models, effects, and features without sacrificing what’s made POD so easy and fun to use for more than two decades.”

The Snapshots feature improves the flexibility of patches, letting users craft four variations on a preset and change between them sans dropout. Therefore, stuff like reverb trails will continue between switches.

Other controls include an expression pedal plus five push encoder dials. The POD Go also features a load of useful I/O with headphones and stereo line out, an amp out, as well as a stereo FX loop and further expression pedal input. Not content with that, the POD Go is a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface as well.

The POD Go comes with an MSRP of £639.

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