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Pigtronix has introduced the evolution of its famed Infinity Series looper, the Infinity 2 Double Looper.

This new stereo looping effect pedal features a streamlined user interface that gets musicians started without too much delay. It boasts a host of control options and two independent loop engines. It also has the same ultra-low-latency looping engine and high-fidelity audio as the original Pigtronix Infinity Looper.

The Infinity 2’s dual-loop design enables users to seamlessly switch between parts while overdubbing or during initial recording. Moreover, users may delete the loop not presently in use.

Per Pigtronix, almost every action occurs at the loop boundary. Meaning, musicians can cue an overdub, change between loops or stop at the end of a loop sans needing to hit the footswitch at exactly the right time.

The Infinity 2 sports a push-button switch so users can alter the functionality of the left footswitch to perform different stutter, stop, and octave shift effects. Players may also assign Undo/Redo functionality to the left footswitch. That allows for removing previous overdubs and adding them back at will.

Elsewhere, the Infinity 2 carries a Decay dial that provides an extensive array of functionality. The pedal accepts stereo or mono instruments and line-level signals.

The Infinity 2 Double Looper retails for $199.


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