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LunaStone has unveiled the Deep Metal, a “hugely massive metal distortion” for delivering classic and powerful metal tones as well as yielding slicing-through-and-above-the-mix solos and wall-of-sound-like heavy guitar riffs.

Consisting of diagonally placed control dials for Tone, Volume, and Gain, the Deep Metal injects distinct metal colors and flavors to your sound.

“It was important to me to make Deep Metal sound huge, but at the same time be able to sound great even on smaller guitar rigs,” LunaStone Founder and Head Engineer Steen Grøntved stated.

“A classic problem when searching for that juicy metal tone on a combo is that you can push the woofer so hard that it is stretched to its limits—sometimes beyond, which ultimately results in a very poor guitar tone. That problem now vaporizes with Deep Metal on the pedal board.”

LunaStone is popular for stompboxes that create ultra-transparent guitar tones without coloring the original sound of the instrument. Classic examples include the Three Stage Rocket and the TrueOverDrive series.

Taking a different path, the Deep Metal brings new flavors to the table. It is more forgiving in terms of exposing each and every playing technique flaw. Conversely, the pedal can even improve the overall sound of average pickups.

The LunaStone Deep Metal Distortion lists for €149. Hear it in action with the video demo below:

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