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Award-winning pedal and amp manufacturer Mad Professor has announced the latest addition to its pedal roster, the Electric Blue II Chorus ~ Vibrato, an all-analog bucket brigade modulation stompbox.

Sporting a compact footprint, the Electric Blue II Chorus ~ Vibrato is ultra-versatile yet easy to use. A combination of modern engineering and vintage technology delivers “the most organic and purest analog tone and ultra quiet performance.”

Consisting of well-thought-out controls—a Chorus/Vibrato toggle switch and Depth, Speed, Mix, and Tone dials—the Electric Blue II Chorus ~ Vibrato lets you craft warm and bright tones from the yesteryears or today.

Per the press release, the Chorus mode serves up “slow, traditional chorus effects and faster faux-leslie type effects and everything in between.” Meanwhile, as Mad Professor puts into words, the Vibrato effect is “the most clever and intuitive vibrato out there.” Pairing intuitive controls with the ability to work well with distorted tones, the pedal offers vast sonic possibilities.

“We really wanted the Vibrato effect to stand out too, so that it would be in equal level in astonishing tone with the chorus effect,” pedal designer Jyrki Rahkola detailed.

The Electric Blue II Chorus ~ Vibrato is slated for a mid-April 2021 release. Hear it in action below, or head over to the Mad Professor for more details.

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