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Award-winning pedal manufacturer Mad Professor Amplification is taking advantage of the coronavirus downtime to launch a limited-edition modded variant of its Ruby Red Booster.

Since its manufacturing facility has not been running at full power during the coronavirus pandemic, Mad Professor Amplification dedicates its spare time to building limited-edition effects stompbox designs. The aim is to realize “some mods that were requested over the years to our pedals.”

The Nashville Hot Mids Solo Boost modded Ruby Red Booster pedal is designed for beefing up and boosting solos. Unlike in the original Ruby Red Booster, this new variant fattens both the upper mids and treble frequencies.

Per the press release, the new mod allows for “a thick and sparkly lead tone as the carefully chosen hot midrange frequencies are added to the treble pot, which is now bringing up a perfect blend of presence and mids.”

As Mad Professor puts into words, “Exactly what is needed to make your solos heard!” This limited-edition version of the Ruby Red Booster is hand modded in Finland.

The Nashville Hot Mids Solo Boost modded Ruby Red Booster is available until further notice on Mad Professor Amplification for €208.

Head over to Mad Professor Amplification’s page to grab one or for more details.

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