Wren and Cuff Presents the J Mascis Garbage Face Leave a comment

Wren and Cuff has partnered with bonafide guitar legend J Mascis for the creation of the Garbage Face fuzz stompbox. 

The Garbage Face recreates the Dinosaur Jr frontman’s main 1970s EHX Ram’s Head, which has been his go-to since 1987. “A part-by-part recreation of J’s number one Muff since 1987, this is not just any 70’s EHX Ram’s Head,” Wren and Cuff wrote. “J’s pedal is an odd bird with parts values that are ‘incorrect’ and component values that have drifted far from their original values during its near-50 year journey.”

Besides the Muff circuit at its core, the Garbage Face also features a germanium transistor-powered treble boost circuit. The circuit operates before the fuzz, enabling players to slam into the front end of the fuzz even more intensely. Moreover, a second volume dial for its overall output is accessible by a secondary footswitch. That comes handy for solos or other volume-altering moments.

Dinosaur Jr was among the most prominent alternative rock bands of the 80s and 90s. Their feedback-heavy sound forms one of the grunge movement’s founding pillars. The group disbanded in 1997, but the original trio of Mascis, Patrick Murphy, and Lou Barlow reunited in 2005, launching four albums.

Featuring all true-bypass operation, the Wren and Cuff Garbage Face retails for $349 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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