MidValley FX Unveils Lo-Fi Giant Pedal Leave a comment

After gracing the world with wild dirt pedals such as its Double-Amp Distorter and Elevation Fuzz, MidValley FX has now introduced the Lo-Fi Giant—a high-gain fuzz that fuses oscillating feedback into the signal.

The Lo-Fi Giant consists of controls for Tone, Fuzz, Volume, and Voltage. The Tone knob sculpts the signal while Volume manages the pedal output. Meanwhile, Fuzz and Voltage work together to produce a range of sounds.

Keep the former low and the latter high for less feedback and more clarity. Lower the Voltage, turn up the Fuzz and get ready for some sub-octave madness.

The user can also crank everything to see what MidValley FX means when it says a “sub-octave massive fuzz that almost gets swallowed in a lo-fi oscillating feedback, depending on how hard you strum.”

MidValley FX designed the Lo-Fi Giant to cut through a band mix while still bordering the experimental side of fuzz. With plenty of saturated fuzz, tons of volume on tap, and a bonus feature of oscillating fuzz or zero feedback, the Lo-Fi Giant is capable of providing massive fuzz tones.

The Lo-Fi Giant pedal is handcrafted, true bypass, takes a nine-volt DC power input, and carries a street price of $130.

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