TC Electronic Announces the Hall of Fame 2 X4 1

TC Electronic has revamped its well-loved Hall of Fame 2 reverb pedal to incorporate four new reverb presets (for eight overall), a shimmer reverb, and four pressure-sensitive MASH footswitches, each capable of controlling up to three parameters simultaneously.

Although typographically awkward, the new Hall of Fame 2 X4 loads a whole of customizable reverb into a user-friendly layout.

The four MASH footswitches allow users the choice between reverbs on the fly, and based on how hard they press down, they could control as much as three effect parameters. The bank switch enables access to four more presets so the unit could work with eight presets at a time.

The Hall Of Fame 2 X4 includes 10 reverb flavors as well as six TonePrint slots for recording effects and artist TonePrints. Users can fine-tune the reverb response times using the pre-delay control.

Besides the standard plate, church, spring, and hall reverbs, the Hall of Fame 2 X4 also features the shimmer reverb. Individuals who are familiar with the TC Electronic Fluorescence reverb pedal know the setting’s extra-dimensional potential.

Pioneered by recording legends Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, shimmer reverb witnesses a layer of reverb pitched up one octave and trailed behind the dry signal. It is perfect for people who look to guitar tone as a basecamp for any type of psychonaut adventure.

The Hall of Fame 2 x4 retails for $249.99.

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Richard Paradis
Richard Paradis

How many reverbs can be run simultaniously ?

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