MOD Kits DIY Launches the Build-It-Yourself Saturator Pedal Leave a comment

After allowing players to craft their bass fuzz, reverb, and high-gain distortion units, MOD Kits DIY has announced its latest build-it-yourself pedal, the Saturator, which serves up anything from a clean boost to supreme saturated distortion.

The Saturator features a simple two-knob operation consists of only a Level (volume) control and Soak knob, which selects the amount of symmetrical soft clipping given to the instrument signal.

When the Soak control is twisted wholly counterclockwise, the signal is clean and unaffected; rolling the knob will take the user through different stages of distortion and overdrive.

The Saturator overdrive pedal kit is capable of covering an extensive range of gain effects, changing seamlessly from a clean boost to saturated and warm distortion with the roll of a knob.

MOD Kits are meant to give young and seasoned musicians alike the chance to create their effects pedals and amps. Each kit leverages point-to-point wiring and comes with instructions.

A pre-drilled chassis and all essential components are included. Beyond that, the user needs a soldering iron, hand tools, and solder.

The Saturator pedal boasts the first laser-etched design of MOD Kits. It runs on 9-volt battery power—a 9V adapter should be bought separately.

The Saturator retails for $47.95.

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