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California-headquartered pedal maker Xotic Effects has launched a new range of volume pedals comprising the high-impedance XVP-250K and low-impedance XVP-25K.

The two pedals are housed within a sturdy die-cast aluminium chassis that is approximately two-thirds of the size of a standard volume pedal, so they should consume minimal pedalboard real estate, with each featuring something unique depending on how the user intends to utilize it.

As its name implies, the high-impedance XVP-250K incorporates a 250K potentiometer and is designed for utilization with passive instruments. It sports a sleek gold metallic paint job.

Meanwhile, the XVP-25K comes in a durable Hammerton red aluminum enclosure with a 25K potentiometer and is best placed in the effects loop or paired with active instruments.

Both pedals boast Xotic Effect’s nylon pivot bushing and rack pinion design that creates an incredibly smooth volume sweep and is extremely durable unlike standard volume pedals built with strings that are prone to breakdowns and snapping.

The XVP-25K and XVP-250K are both true bypass and include a tuner output jack. They are hand-wired point-to-point with cloth-covered wire.

For supreme control and swells, the Xotic Volume pedal leverages top-grade audio potentiometers for retaining the tone throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

The Xotic Volume pedals are already available for $148.75 on the Xotic Effects webstore.

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