Modal Effects Disruption

Modal Effects Debuts the Disruption Modular Distortion Leave a comment

Modal Effects has introduced a disruptive approach to distortion with the Disruption, a modular stompbox featuring six snappable analog devices for crafting personalized sounds.

In terms of hardware, the Disruption sports a dual-footswitch base, consisting of a master volume dial and slots to accommodate three modules.

Touted as the “building blocks of your pedal,” the mods—fuzz, boost, overdrive, distortion, low-pass tone, and mid-scoop tone—each feature a straightforward one-knob operation.

Since the signal passes from right to left on the Disruption, you can fit on two different tone modules, create multiple gain stages, or stack fuzz upon distortion upon overdrive for a monstrous sound.

You can swap modules even while the effect is engaged sans needing any additional patch cable. There’s also a Solo Channel Selector switch for engaging individual modules.

The Modal Effects Disruption is now available on Kickstarter for a pledge of $259 for the Starter Pack or $399 for the Experimenter Pack. Shipping starts in August 2022.

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