Mr Black Mini Phaser

Mr. Black Announces the Eight-Stage Mini Phaser Leave a comment

Mr. Black has lifted the veil on the latest addition to its ever-expanding collection of ultra-compact pedals—the eight-stage Mini Phaser.

While it draws inspiration from the larger Mr. Black GilaMondo, the Mini Phaser comes in an incredibly mini enclosure measuring less than two inches wide and under four inches long. The control interface is as pedalboard real estate-conscious consisting of only three dials and a true bypass footswitch.

“Four additional delicately-engineered, one-way multi-network taps mimic the thickness and girth of up to 12-stages of phase-shifting pulse as the Enhance control is advanced, offering a wide array of phase tones spanning from light, airy-wiggle all the way to heavy, thick, vocal throb,” the brand wrote.

Straightforward control knobs include Speed for adjusting the oscillator speed, Width that dictates the oscillator sweep range, and Enhance, which acts as an active recycle/boost parameter.

The Mini Phaser eight-stage phase shifter retails for $139, the priciest entry into the series so far.

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